Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Services in Paull

We provide G3 Certified Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Servicing, Repairs & Installations in Paull, East Riding of Yorkshire, and nearby areas.


Why it’s important to get your Unvented Cylinder checked yearly?

Unvented cylinders are safe to use if they are installed correctly and if they undergo regular maintenance by a qualified engineer.

They have three levels of safety built-in:

  • A ‘thermostat’ that prevents the water from heating above 60-65 degrees.

  • A ‘high-level cut-out stat’ that operates at 80-90 degrees if the thermostat fails.

  • A ‘temperature relief valve’ that will operate if both the thermostat and high-level cut-out stat fails.

If these safety features are faulty there is a risk that the water will over-heat and cause a pressure build up within the tank which can cause the cylinder to explode. Therefore, it is important to get a yearly check-up.

What can expect on your Unvented Cylinder service

  • Check your cylinder for leaks and faults

  • Carry out electrical checks

  • Check that the pressure and temperature relief (safety) valves are working

  • Ensure that the safety discharge pipework (D2 pipework) is not blocked or restricted

  • Check flow rate to water outlets

  • Clean the strainer located within the combination valve – this is prone to blocking with limescale and can restrict flow/performance to water outlets

  • Check expansion vessel pressure and re-charge if needed

Service cost

We charge £80 for a service. If we come across any faults or issues with your unvented cylinder whilst carrying out the service, we will provide you with a fixed price quote to repair the problem.


Unvented Cylinder Repair

We not only install and service hot water cylinders, but we also offer a professional unvented cylinder repair service.

The most common unvented cylinder repairs we’re asked to fix include:

  • Water getting too hot

  • Water not getting hot

  • Water leak in airing cupboard

  • Low pressure

  • Expansion vessel replacement

  • Immersion heater replacement

If you need a repair carrying out to your unvented hot water cylinder, simply book an engineer online of contact us on 01482 770650.

What our customer say

New Unvented Cylinder Installation

If you are thinking of replacing your existing unvented hot water cylinder or having a new one installed in your home.

One of our experts will visit you to carry out a site survey. They will check things like the mains pressure and flow rate, and the location where the new cylinder is to be installed, to ensure that the cylinder can be fitted to building regulations and that it is the right solution for your home.

They will then go over your options and provide you with a quote for the works.

For a free, no obligation quote on a new unvented cylinder installation in Paull, contact us today.


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Frequently asked questions

Regular maintenance is key. In addition, we can offer advice on water quality, system pressure, and safety measures to help extend the life of your cylinder and minimise breakdowns.

Only qualified engineers holding a current unvented hot water cylinder qualification are permitted, by law, to work on them. All our Unvented Cylinder engineers are qualified and certified to work on Unvented Cylinders.

An unvented cylinder or sometimes referred to as a Megaflo is a pressurised water storage unit that provides hot water without a separate tank. Regular servicing ensures it works safely and efficiently, preventing issues like leaks and cold showers.

We recommend an annual service to keep your cylinder in top shape. However, if you notice any problems like leaking pipes, reduced hot water or strange noises, don't leave it – contact us right away!

Unvented cylinders can develop issues like pressure loss, valve faults, or thermostat problems. Our experts are G3 Qualified to diagnose and fix these problems, ensuring your system runs smoothly.

Not always. Sometimes, a simple repair can resolve the issue. Our G3 qualified engineer will assess the problem and provide cost-effective solutions. Replacements are only recommended when necessary.

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