Boiler Service in Beverley

Taking care of your home's heart – your boiler – is a must, and an annual boiler service in Beverley is the key. This proactive step not only spots and tackles minor issues early on, nipping them in the bud, but also ensures your gas boiler runs safely and efficiently.

If your boiler is still under the comforting umbrella of a manufacturer's warranty, an annual servicing isn't just a good idea – it's essential. Skipping this routine check-up could jeopardize the warranty, and we definitely don't want that.

Here at Kesselmann, we're all about making sure your gas boiler stays in top-notch shape. Trust our team to handle your boiler service needs, ensuring safety and efficiency are never compromised. Your boiler deserves the best care, and we're here to provide it in Beverley.


What's Included in Your Boiler Service?

Your boiler service with us is thorough and ensures every aspect is in top-notch condition:

  1. Visual Inspection: We start with a comprehensive visual check of the boiler and flue, leaving no stone unturned.

  2. Working Fault Identification: Rigorous testing helps us pinpoint any potential working faults, addressing them proactively.

  3. Inhibitor Levels Check: We verify inhibitor levels to safeguard your system against corrosion, promoting longevity.

  4. Magnetic Filter Cleaning: The magnetic filter, a key component, is meticulously cleaned for optimal performance.

  5. Condensate Trap Maintenance: We ensure the condensate trap is free from any blockages, keeping your system running smoothly.

  6. Pressure Check and Recharge: The primary expansion vessel pressure is checked, and if needed, we recharge it for optimal function.

  7. Heat Exchanger and Burner Cleaning: If necessary, we clean the primary heat exchanger, electrodes, and burner, ensuring peak efficiency.

  8. Safety Device Testing: Your safety is our priority – we rigorously test all safety devices to guarantee your peace of mind.

  9. Gas Pressures and Rates Check: Ensuring safe operation, we conduct tests on gas pressures and rates for your system's well-being.

  10. Flue Gas Analysis Efficiency Test: A thorough efficiency test using flue gas analysis ensures your boiler is operating at its best.

  11. Boiler Service Certificate: Finally, you receive a comprehensive boiler service certificate, documenting the meticulous care your system has undergone.

Service Options


One off Annual Service

£80 Inc

Get ready for a top-notch treatment for your boiler! Our service goes beyond the basics, offering a comprehensive assessment, thorough cleaning, and rigorous testing to ensure your boiler is in its prime. Don't settle for anything less when it comes to safety and comfort—book your boiler service today! Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a warm and secure home. Let's keep things cosy!

*Based on 1 hours labour excluding materials.


Service & Ongoing Cover

£60 Inc

Treat your boiler to the VIP treatment with our all-encompassing boiler service! But that's not all – lock in ongoing cover to keep your boiler and heating in tip-top condition. Because when it comes to your home comfort, we've got you covered!

*You will be enrolled on to our Silver, Gold or Platinum Care plan once the service is complete.

*Based on 1 hours labour excluding materials then boiler cover from as little as £17 per month.

Frequently asked questions

We maintain boilers in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, ensuring the best possible service. Our standard service typically takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour, with the duration varying based on the boiler type and the level of attention required.

No, according to Gas Safety Regulations in the UK, it is illegal for individuals without the necessary qualifications to service their own boilers. Working on gas appliances requires expertise and registration with Gas Safe. Attempting to service your boiler without proper qualifications poses safety risks and is against the law. Always seek the assistance of a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer for boiler servicing. If you have questions or need professional service, contact our team on 01482 770650

While the average cost in the UK typically falls within the range of £60 to £120, specific rates may vary based on factors like your location, the type of boiler, and other considerations. For our pricing, please refer to our Service Rates page or get in touch with our friendly team on 01482 770650.

We recommend servicing your home boiler annually for peak performance, safety, and warranty compliance. Regular maintenance helps identify issues early, preventing breakdowns and ensuring efficiency. If you have concerns, contact us for expert assistance.

No, it's not illegal, but regular servicing is essential for safety, efficiency, and warranty compliance. While not a legal requirement, neglecting service may pose risks and affect the warranty. It's a wise choice for the well-being of your home and heating system.

No, we don't check radiators during a boiler service. Our focus is on the boiler itself, ensuring its safety, efficiency, and overall performance. If you have specific concerns about your radiators, feel free to let us know, and we can address them separately.

Skipping yearly boiler service can make it less efficient, cost more to run, and increase the chances of it breaking down. Safety issues might be missed, and your warranty could be affected. Regular servicing keeps it running well, safe, and lasting longer.

Boiler servicing requires a Gas Safe registered engineer with specialised training. Not every plumber is qualified, but at Kesselmann, our team includes experts who can provide safe and reliable boiler servicing. Choose us for certified professionals to meet your boiler maintenance needs.

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