Unvented Cylinder
Installation in Hedon

Choosing an unvented cylinder is a smart choice for a constant supply of hot water, energy efficiency, and space-saving convenience. When you're ready to upgrade your hot water system, trust in our expertise to transform your daily routine. Contact us today, and let our experts ensure you enjoy reliable hot water like never before.


Why choose an unvented cylinder?

Unvented cylinders provide excellent flow rate, without a significant loss of performance if more than one tap or shower is used at the same time, making them ideal for larger homes that have more than one bathroom.

As unvented cylinder installers in Hedon, we work with homeowners who are looking for better performance with their hot water system or having luxury bathroom products installed, such as multi-jet showers and jetted air baths, which require high flow rates to operate effectively, making unvented cylinders a great choice.

With the demand for more efficient water heating solutions, unvented cylinders also work with solar water heating systems. Solar panels collect heat from the sun, which then heats a liquid contained in the system’s pipework. This is then circulated through a specially designed coil within the cylinder, which then transfers heat to the stored water – producing domestic hot water.


  • Higher pressure for showers and other water outlets

  • More loft space - no need for water tanks in the loft

  • Less risk of water contamination once the tanks are removed

  • Flexible location – cylinders can be installed in many places, such as garage

  • Quieter system – no noise from tanks

  • Lower risk of pipes freezing – after the pipework feeding the tanks are removed.


Need a quote?

If you are thinking of replacing your existing unvented cylinder or having a new one installed in your home.

One of our experts will visit you to carry out a site survey. They will check things like the mains pressure and flow rate, and the location where the new cylinder is to be installed, to ensure that the cylinder can be fitted to building regulations and that it is the right solution for your home. They will then go over your options and provide you with a quote for the works.

For a free, no obligation quote on a new unvented cylinder installation in Hedon or in the East Riding of Yorkshire area, contact us today.


Unvented cylinder installation near me

Not in Hedon? That's fine, we extend our services throughout the East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire regions.

Our service coverage includes, but is not limited to:

  • Burstwick 

  • Burton Constable

  • Fitling Halsham

  • Holmpton

  • Paull Preston

  • Sunk Island

  • Thorngumbald

  • Ryehill

  • Camerton

  • Lelley

  • Sproatley

Frequently asked questions

Unvented cylinders require minimal maintenance, but an annual service check is recommended to ensure everything is in good working order. Check out our Unvented Cylinder Service & Repair page for further information.

Yes, it's safe when installed by qualified professionals like us. We follow strict safety guidelines and regulations to ensure your system operates securely. All our Unvented Cylinder installers are G3 Certified Your safety is our priority.

If you want great performance and consistent hot water pressure throughout your house, especially for showers and baths, an unvented cylinder could be a great choice. We'll assess your needs and recommend the right solution for you.

Typically, our qualified engineers can install an unvented cylinder in a day. However, the exact time may vary depending on your specific requirements and the complexity of the installation.

Yes, unvented cylinders are known for their energy efficiency. They retain heat well and can be used in conjunction with renewable energy sources like solar panels, making them eco-friendly too.

In most cases, we can integrate an unvented cylinder with your existing heating system, saving you the hassle and cost of a full replacement. Our experts will evaluate your setup to ensure compatibility.

Some of the brands we work with